Solar Operations & Management (O&M)

Solar Operations & Management (O&M)

Plexus Energy’s Solar operations and management services help solar energy asset owners in Nairobi, Kenya, optimize their investments by guaranteeing –
• Enhanced solar energy production
• Solar plant uptime surpassing performance targets
• Uninterrupted operations and peak performance
• A comprehensive package of on-site maintenance and remote monitoring ensures seamless performance.

Outlined below are crucial elements of solar O&M –

1. Surveillance: Consistent monitoring of the solar power system is essential for early issue identification.

2. Maintenance: Periodic cleaning of solar panels is essential to ensure optimal sunlight absorption.

3. Restoration: It involve substituting faulty components, rectifying wiring or connections, and resolving any unforeseen complications.

4. Upgrades: Require upgrading or replacement to uphold efficiency and effectiveness? Our team can help upgrade your solar system.

5. Safety Assessments: It includes reviewing electrical connections, confirming grounding and bonding, and conducting safety assessments.

Services We Offer


Performance Check

Our experts carefully review daily performance data, swiftly identifying noteworthy output fluctuations to uphold peak system efficiency.


Panel Perfection

We delve into the details, inspecting solar panels for flawless condition—no fractures, scratches, corrosion, moisture issues, or discoloration. Your system’s health is our priority.


Secure Connections

Our proficient experts diligently examine the stability of cabling, aligning string voltage to adhere to rigorous industry standards, ultimately fortifying the foundation for enduring and optimal system performance.


Solid Support

We inspect mounting hardware for prime condition and seamless earth connections, contributing to the steadfast and resilient framework that underpins your solar plant’s reliability.


Junction Box Check

We leave no detail unchecked, inspecting junction boxes to prevent water buildup and confirming the integrity of lid seals, connections, and clamping mechanisms.


Breaker Assurance

We examine breakers for signs of damage, ensuring flawless performance of isolation mechanisms. With a keen eye for perfection, we assess breakers, detecting any indications of damage and confirming the seamless operation of your power plant.


Fuse Box Scrutiny

Our attention turns to fuse boxes, safeguarding against water damage, and scrutinizing connections for resistive joints.


Inverter insight

We inspect inverters thoroughly, pinpointing any potential damage and verifying the integrity of connections, all while assessing the incoming DC voltage. Your solar system’s vitality is our mission.

What Are Our Customers Saying ?

Every customer is valuable to us. Here are the reviews of some of our customers who chose us.


Nehemia Kibore

Choosing Plexus Energy for our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) needs was a game-changer. Their seamless execution in crafting power plants for our business showcased their excellence in this industry. From conceptualization to commissioning, their expertise was evident, resulting in top-tier power generation solutions. Their team's diligence in operation, maintenance, and remote monitoring ensures optimal performance. Plexus Energy has become our trusted partner for innovative and efficient energy solutions.


Wilson Rienye

Plexus Energy's power backup services have exceeded our expectations. Their tailored backup solutions have revolutionised our operations, providing a reliable shield against outages. With their support, our business in Nairobi remains resilient and productive. Reliable and efficient, they've become our go-to power back-up service provider in Nairobi. We trust them wholeheartedly for our power backup requirements.


Nyakio Kinyanjui

Their expertise in solar operations and management services is truly exceptional. The way they proactively monitor and maintain the solar products has minimized downtime and maximized our solar investment’s returns. Their professionalism and commitment make them a standout choice in Nairobi. Trustworthy and responsive, they’ve become an integral partner in our energy journey. Would surely recommend to other businesses in Nairobi!


Brian Orwenyo

Plexus Energy's dedication to quality is commendable. Their efficient solar power solutions, including innovative walkways and structures, have revolutionized our projects. Their expert team ensured seamless installation, transforming our energy landscape. Their professional services streamlined our transition to solar power, making them an invaluable asset in the renewable energy sector. Trustworthy and efficient, Plexus Energy is our go-to for sustainable solutions in Nairobi.