Turn-Key Solar Projects

We do Engineering, Procurement and Construction of solar photovoltaic projects. We conduct feasibility studies to assess project viability and present our clients with technical and financial studies. Our Solar solutions are in the following segments:

1. Off-grid Solar – this is for customers with no other source of power, or require a 100% solar based solution. The components include Solar Panels, Inverters, batteries and balance of system.

2. Grid Tie Solar – this is for customers with existing power supply and are looking an additional source of power that provides them savings on certain times of the day. This solution usually doesn’t have power storage.

3. Hybrid Solar – this is for customers that require both reliability and clean power. The solar solution will combine with the grid power, generator and/or batteries for storage.


Project Financing

In partnership with financial institutions, we offer long-term financing packages for our solar solutions. This is to enable customers access solar power even if they don’t have all the cash upfront. Subject to the financial appraisal process, we are able to offer the following options:

1. Finance Lease,
2. Operating Lease and
3. Power Purchase Agreements.

Power Continuity Services

We provide power backup and clean power services to customers with unreliable power supply or have critical and sensitive power needs. Some of the devices used include among others:
1. UPS (Uniterrupted Power Supplies).
2. Inverter chargers.
Batteries (Lead Acid, Lithium, Sodium Nickel).
3. Voltage Stabilizers.
4. Transformers.

Why is Power Continuity necessary?
1. Its ensures that the power supply is redundant incase the main source is not available.
2. It protects electrical devices from unstable power, thereby maintaining their lifecycle as designed.
3. Where monitoring is provided, its a source of valuable data on power use and supply that is useful for decision making.


Solar Operations & Maintenance

To ensure the optimal performance of solar systems, we conduct periodic maintenance. This includes checking for damages and repairing and cleaning the panel mounts, inverter, wires, and solar panels.

Some of the annual maintenance services for solar systems include:

1. Performing a general performance check of the system by reviewing the daily performance data to detect any major changes in output.
2. Checking the solar panels to ensure that they are clean, free of fractures, scratches, corrosion, moisture penetration and browning.
3. Cabling should be checked to ensure it is secure and the voltage of strings is within the stipulated tolerance.
4. Checking the mounting hardware to ensure it is in good condition and the earth connection is continuous.
5. Checking junction boxes to ensure there is no water accumulation and that the integrity of lid seals, connections and clamping devices is intact.
6. Checking of breakers for any damage and verifying that the isolation devices are working correctly.
7. Checking of fuse boxes for water damage and resistive joints on connections.
8. Inspecting the inverters to assess any damage, checking for any resistive joints on connections and verifying the DC voltage coming into the inverter.

Remote Monitoring

We offer a data collection and asset management platform. With this, our clients remotely monitor and control all their solar assets on one single platform. With robust and easy-to-install Monitoring Boxes and a Cloud Platform that grows with your business. We also offer monitoring packages so the client can focus on their core business while we commit to ensure uptime and optimal use of the solar investment.

Advantages of Monitoring
1. Easy management of the Solar power system.
2. Better and faster communication for all stakeholders.
3. Fast troubleshooting and reduced outage.
4. Maintenance schedules according to actual needs.
5. Availability of data on your energy usage pattern.
6. Longer uptime, efficiency and lifetime.
7. Enhance your systems by analyzing them with our tools.


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