Power Back-up Services (Power Continuity)

Power Back-up Services (Power Continuity)

With Plexus Energy, envision a world where your operations never falter, and your progress remains undeterred by power uncertainties. Our offerings encompass Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Diesel Generators, and Inverter-based power backups. This combination ensures 100% Power Continuity, enabling you to maintain operations during GRID failures.

What sets us apart is not just our product range, but our dedication to delivering excellence. Our team at Plexus Energy Ltd. takes on the responsibility of meticulously distributing, seamlessly installing, and impeccably maintaining UPS power systems, Emergency Power Systems, and Rotary Flywheel UPS solutions. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to support critical businesses across Kenya, 24/7.

We offer more than just products – we present solutions. Our specialist engineers, armed with unparalleled expertise, bring to the table a comprehensive suite of power backup services: from Power Protection Solutions to Emergency Power Systems, Standby Diesel Generators, Uninterruptible Power Control, and Critical Continuous Power around the clock.

Choose Plexus Energy for outstanding power continuity services that elevate your business, making power outages a thing of the past.

Services We Offer


UPS System

Plexus Energy offers comprehensive UPS System Services for both Industrial and Data Center applications. With our skilled Critical Power Service Unit, we deliver turn-key solutions encompassing UPS setup, proactive upkeep, servicing, evaluations, surveillance, and rental provisions nationwide.


Diesel Generator

We have a wide selection of premium diesel generators catered to meet global power needs, adhering to customer specifications. We've carefully chosen diverse engine producers to grant you adaptability and multiplicity for exceptional power answers. Each model assures economical operation and an extended lifespan, ensuring dependable power you can rely upon.


Inverter-based Power Backups

Experience uninterrupted operations with Plexus Energy's cutting-edge Inverter-Based Power Backup services in Nairobi, Kenya. Designed to seamlessly safeguard your business, our solutions provide uninterrupted power supply during critical moments. Trust Plexus Energy to safeguard your business's continuity with our top-tier inverter-based power backup services.

What Are Our Customers Saying ?

Every customer is valuable to us. Here are the reviews of some of our customers who chose us.


Nehemia Kibore

Choosing Plexus Energy for our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) needs was a game-changer. Their seamless execution in crafting power plants for our business showcased their excellence in this industry. From conceptualization to commissioning, their expertise was evident, resulting in top-tier power generation solutions. Their team's diligence in operation, maintenance, and remote monitoring ensures optimal performance. Plexus Energy has become our trusted partner for innovative and efficient energy solutions.


Wilson Rienye

Plexus Energy's power backup services have exceeded our expectations. Their tailored backup solutions have revolutionised our operations, providing a reliable shield against outages. With their support, our business in Nairobi remains resilient and productive. Reliable and efficient, they've become our go-to power back-up service provider in Nairobi. We trust them wholeheartedly for our power backup requirements.


Nyakio Kinyanjui

Their expertise in solar operations and management services is truly exceptional. The way they proactively monitor and maintain the solar products has minimized downtime and maximized our solar investment’s returns. Their professionalism and commitment make them a standout choice in Nairobi. Trustworthy and responsive, they’ve become an integral partner in our energy journey. Would surely recommend to other businesses in Nairobi!


Brian Orwenyo

Plexus Energy's dedication to quality is commendable. Their efficient solar power solutions, including innovative walkways and structures, have revolutionized our projects. Their expert team ensured seamless installation, transforming our energy landscape. Their professional services streamlined our transition to solar power, making them an invaluable asset in the renewable energy sector. Trustworthy and efficient, Plexus Energy is our go-to for sustainable solutions in Nairobi.