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About Plexus Energy

Company Overview.

Plexus Energy Ltd is a Kenyan-owned company that started as a power continuity solution provider in 2010. Power continuity services ensure your production facility is resilient by designing & installing dual power protection supplies supporting, at a minimum, both your A & B mains feed incoming supplies. This is a perfect solution to address power outages, dips, and spikes.

Since the beginning, we have supplied, installed, and maintained UPS solutions for customers with critical power needs. In the process, we also got customers operating in areas with no grid power available and introduced solar power solutions as complementary solutions. 

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Over the years, we have partnered with global players, who have helped us in product training, innovation, and warranty support for our offerings. We pride ourselves on having a well-trained and experienced engineering team. Our philosophy is to meet the customer needs in power while conserving the environment by offering green power solutions.


To lead society in transitioning to green energy by providing solar energy solutions that are affordable and efficient.


We envision a world without environmental pollution by transitioning our society to green energy.

Value Statement

Generate environment-friendly energy.

Our Core Values

We prides ourselves in having a dedicated team of employees and suppliers who consistently deliver quality services. These values represent what we stand for and believe in. The values resonate with and reinforce our mission and purpose.  


Plexus ensures its systems and people can do things progressively and consistently well while serving its clients through maintaining reliable channels of responsiveness to queries and indoctrinating in-house practices such as knowledge sharing, time management, process excellence, and personally credible in the execution of tasks with minimum supervision as much as possible. In return, the Enterprise enjoys the fruits of operational excellence.

People Philosophy

We have thought about the kind of enterprise we want to be and the type of employer we need to be. Our promise – which we call our People Philosophy – is what makes the difference. Our People Philosophy clearly articulates what we expect from current and potential employees and how we support them. We do so by ensuring all our actions are geared towards creating a fair, just and equitable environment where all employees enjoy high respect and dignity.

Stakeholder Success

We care about our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners by showing respect and support in supplying innovative energy solutions and being responsive to queries and inquiries; hence this not only nurtures our brand outlook as the market leader in the energy space but also demonstrates visible benefits of customer retention. At Plexus, we value and always reward success.

Couragius Intergrity

Plexus adheres to maintaining high moral principles and protecting the professional standards of the various professions within the Enterprise. We assure value to our customers by modelling our behaviors around integrity and ethical leadership. Throughout the business relationships with our stakeholders we pledge to uphold discretion, moral uprightness and dignity at all times.


Plexus aims to make a difference through its services by partnering with higher learning education institutions in offering internship programs, widen our resourcing strategies and publish articles that will help institutions in the energy field aspire to keep up with the global trends. In return enhance the quality of engagement and commitment between Community and the Company.


This value focuses on Plexus’s ability to foster customer intimacy through inspiring trusting relationships at speed. And in so doing, their team creates unparalleled customer success coupled with quick, decisive thinking, maintaining quality and reliable business partners when offering energy solutions.

Our Services

Turn-Key Solar Projects

We do Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of solar photovoltaic projects. We conduct feasibility studies to assess project viability and present our clients with technical and financial studies. Our Solar solutions are Off-grid Grid Tie and Hybrid Solar

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Solar Operations & Maitenance

We conduct periodic maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of solar systems. This includes checking for damages, repairing and cleaning the panel mounts, inverter, wires, and solar panels.

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Power Continuity Services

We provide power backup and clean power services to customers with unreliable power supplies or critical and sensitive power needs. Some of the devices used include: Uninterrupted Power Supplies, Inverter chargers Batteries and Voltage Stabilizers Transformers

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Project Financing

In partnership with financial institutions, we offer long-term financing packages for our solar solutions to enable customers access solar power even if they don't have all the cash upfront.

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Remote Monitoring

We offer a data collection and asset management platform. With this, our clients remotely monitor and control all their solar assets on one platform.

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