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Plexus Energy Solar Power Company

We are Kenya's leading solar power company, ready to help you transition to green energy.

about us Our Services

Plexus Energy Solar Power Company

We are Kenya's leading solar power company, ready to help you transition to green energy.

about us Our Services

Welcome to Plexus Kenya

Plexus Energy Ltd is a Kenyan-owned company that started as a power continuity solution provider in 2010.  Power continuity services ensure that your energy supply is uninterrupted and reliable.


This is achieved by providing auto-available power storage in cases of grid shutdown, instability, or interruptions. It also ensures that the quality of power is clean and safe to use.

Since the beginning, we have supplied, installed, and maintained UPS solutions for customers with critical power needs.

Leading The Transition To Green Energy

In the process, we also got customers operating in areas with no grid power available and introduced Solar Power Solutions as complementary power source. 


Over the years, we have partnered with global players, who have helped us in product training, innovation, and warranty support for our offerings. We pride ourselves on having a well-trained and experienced engineering team.


Our philosophy is to meet the customer’s needs in power while conserving the environment by offering Green Power Solutions.

Our Strategic Pillars are as follows:

Our Services

Solarr connection

Turn-Key Solar Projects

We do Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Solar Photovoltaic Projects.

Project Financing

In partnership with financial institutions, we offer long-term financing packages for our solar solutions.

Solar Operations & Maintenance

We conduct periodic maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of solar systems.

Power Continuity

We provide power backup and clean power services to customers with unreliable power supplies or who have critical and sensitive power needs.

Remote Monitoring

We offer a data collection and asset management platform enabling our clients remotely monitor and control all their solar assets on one platform.

Client Testimonials

Our Partners

We work with amazing partners to realize our goals.

We are here to help you transition to green energy.

We offer end-to-end energy solar solutions to our clients, leading you on a journey to save costs, save the planet and ensure sustainability. Talk to us to get started.

Thinking of going Solar? We have a solution for you!

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We envision a world without environmental pollution by transitioning our society to green energy.
In Kenya, we are setting the pace with our solar solutions. Reach out to us Today!

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